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Volume 1

Tribute to Dwight L. Smith
Dwight L. Smith
Dwight L. Smith A Remembrance
19th Century Exposes
If it Ain’t Webb, it just ain’t right
Indiana’s Traveling Lodges
Cathedral Builders
The Vitality of Masonry
Wither Are We Traveling

Volume 2

2015-2016 Officers
Past Masters of DLS Lodge of Research
Opening Preface
Within Our Power
Contemplative Reflection
What Is A Lodge Of Research?
Dues That Don’t… Anymore
The Geneology Of Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research
The Titans of Indiana York Rite Freemasonry
Brother John Paul Jones: Freemason, Privater and Founder of the U.S. Navy
Jo Daveiss: Frontiersman, Attorney, Soldier and Freemason
The Meaning And History Of The Jewels And Symbols Of A Past Master