Officers & Past Masters

Officers for the Dwight L. Smith Lodge of research are appointed each year by the sitting Grand Master of Indiana.

The appointed officers serving the membership for the 2022-23 are:

Worshipful Master: Barry White, PM
Senior Warden: David Hosler, PM
Junior Warden: James Buckhorn, PM
Secretary/Treasurer:  Christopher L. Hodapp, PM

Past Masters

2022 Barry White
2021 Barry White
2020 Christopher L. Hodapp
2019 Christopher L. Hodapp
2018 Adam Campbell
2017 Michael S. Doxsee
2016 Steve Vedra  
2015   John A. Bridegroom  
2014   Michael D. Gillard  
2013   Christopher W. Kimmel  
2012   Christopher W. Kimmel  
2011   Nathan C Brindle  
2010   Nathan C Brindle  
2009   Andrew R. Jackson  
2008   Andrew R. Jackson  
2007   Andrew R. Jackson  
2006   Andrew R. Jackson  
2005   David W. Bosworth  
2004   David W. Bosworth  
2003   David W. Bosworth  
2002   Duane L. Vaught  
2001   Duane L. Vaught  
2000   Duane L. Vaught  
1999   Michael D. Brumback  
1998   Michael D. Brumback  
1997   Robert R. Stevens  
1996   Robert R. Stevens  
1995   Robert R. Stevens

Past Masters of Founders Lodge 1818

1994  Robert R. Stevens  
1993 Robert R. Stevens  
1992 C. C. Faulkner, Jr.  
1991 C. C. Faulkner, Jr.  
1990 C. C. Faulkner, Jr.  
1989 C. C. Faulkner, Jr.  
1988 C. C. Faulkner, Jr.  
1987 C. C. Faulkner, Jr.  
1986 William O. Cass, Jr.  
1985 William O. Cass, Jr.  
1984 William O. Cass, Jr.